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Valor Rideshare Insurance

Do you drive for UBER or Lyft? If so, it is likely that nobody has explained to you how Rideshare insurance really works...


No need to worry, the Valor Insurance team is experienced in providing RideShare coverage!

It is important to know...

1) There are multiple parties involved in the layers of coverage needed to protect a RideShare driver, their passengers, other drivers and their vehicles.

2) There are mutliple "phases" to RideShare coverage based on the stage of the transaction within the app you are using.

3) There are only a few speciifc companies offering RideShare coverage by state and each utilizes a slightly different approach presently. 

Help us, help you. Give us a call at 1-800-419-0849 to speak with one of our Advisors that can walk you through the details and ensure you understand your new RideShare policy!



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